Sakhi Sanil

Partners in Peace 🙂


I am an Engineer by qualification, was always been interested in knowing the happenings around other than studies which made me feel there is really something other than in the books or in the laboratories and programmes.  One VLSI subject really made me feel “Sakhi its time to leave The Earth 😉 ;-)”. Love towards Physics, probability distribution couldn’t satisfy my crave for higher Sense. Nature, Love, Art, Food, A musical instrument makes me feel there is some secret behind it and still searching with my sensitivity whether  Creator is special or his Creation is special or any Fuzzy logic between them. With this thought process, by refining myself at each stage life took me to Yoga which helped me to unfold most of my energies by removing the clumsy thoughts and thus by gave me higher sensitivity at every level and phase of life. Yoga has moved from my life as a path of Quest to much higher which made me stay with it continuously which made me love respect pray myself in all ways and food journey been just a tiny part of it.

Always hated to cook in the beginning days of Yoga,i had no choice other than self cooking and yes day by day i started remembering my moms tates which were stored in deep rooted memories in tongue and brain. slowly i pushed my self to cook like mom.. i always been loved my moms food so much but still cannot cook like her. my strong sense of smell made me a better cook actually. I started going around for tasting and smelling foods and ended up as a food hunter through Zomato and Hence the Journey started and the blog started from scratch.


Sanil Paramewsaran, is my friend since long years and our food journey increased and infact my food journey started with him. Our best day was always our best meal. Being stayed in Malaysia for 4 years, he became a vivid Pan asian cuisine lover and a huge cocktail lover.  Works as a free lance SAP consultant and a great Non veg foodie and my food partner and now the blog partner.

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  1. mdowaisadam says:

    Hi. Great Content. Love the awesome photos. Check out my Food Blog Too

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