Amway’s “Indianised” Nutrilite

Nutrilite from Amway was never new and today Amway release the nenuw indianized version of Nutrilite by exploring the magic of Indian herbs which are best of nature scientifically. It is more like grand mothers home remedy being more purer, safer and potent then ever with Amway’s new Nutrilite Indian traditional herbs.

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These products are ingeniously developed for the Indian market or in line with the prime minister Narendra Modi’s “Make in India” vision. This initiative from Amway is developed exclusively for its Indian customers.

The range will be manufactured at Amways state – of – the – art LEED “GOLD” certified manufacturing facility locatedd in Dindigul district of Tamilnadu. Its magerly like “seed to supplement” approach. Amway does not believe in “saying is enough” philosophy.

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That is why the company is developing all its products through a “seed to supplement” process. The highest quality, purity,safety and potential standards are maintained. In addition to this the entire journey of manufacturing process focusses on three key pillars of traditional herbs – purity,safety and potency.

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Certified organic herbs are used to maintain the purity and these herbs are sourced from farms that are OneCert Asia Agri Certification Private Limited certified. Every ingredient used in Nutrilite products, as said by there team of professionals, must meet there certification quality standards for safety,purity and potency ensured through
strict quality control and sustainable practices.

It is also said by the team the “DNA Finger Printed Herbs” are used. It is also known as DNA profiling, DNA typing is a noble approach that involves identification of species by reading there genetic make up at molecular level by generating bar code like patterns.

These products are formulated and manufactured with in the ambit of the nutraceutisal regulations laid out by FSSAI. This ensures that, there products are not just truly
premium, but are also safe, as said by the team of Nutrilite.


To be more specific about there product and price range, the range comprises of four products including NutriliteTulsi, NutriliteBrahmi, NutriliteAshwaganda and NutriliteAmalaki, Vibhitaki and Haritaki which are priced at INR 649 inclusive of all taxes, for a bottle of 60 tablets for each variant, says Ajay Khanna category head Nutrition and wellness, Amway India.



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