F2F is run by a group of 3 women working hard with a focus to make available the best, healthy and fresh mixes available in easy ready to use form.
Replace unhealthy shortcuts to breakfast with healthy wholesome meal options.
Make available such ingredients in convenient ready to use form.
Procure naturally processed Millets,Dals, pulses directly from farmer cooperative societies thereby maximizing benefits to them.
Their manufacturing and fermentation process are 100% natural. We do not add soda or any preservatives. The batters are ground on a made to order basis to avoid any wastage of resources.
Their batters are delivered at your door step directly by them or through their various delivery partners.
F2F is not just any other business initiative, they call it’s a movement. It’s a movement to restore traditional breakfast habits in every household by making the resources available in convenient easy to use form.
It’s a movement for the women, by the women and to the women.
I tried all their Products Multi grain Batter, Multi Millet Batter, Adai Batter, Medhu Vada Batter, Simple Idly Dosa Batter, Appam Batter..!!
batters have perfect taste and texture and perfect fermented flavour and consistency..!!

I tried making following items with all the batters..!!
1.Button Adai Dosa with Adai Batter;
2.Utappa Pancakes with Simple Idly Dosa Batter;
3.Pears Vada with Medhu Vada Batter;
4.Garlic Dosa Rolls with Multi Millet Dosa batter;
5. Simple Appam with Ginger Chutney with Appam Batter.
6. Karam Dosa with Multi Grain Batter.




8 to 10 dosas can be done with a Half Kg pack..!!

For 4 Button Adai Dosas:


  1. Tomato: 1
  2. Onion: 1
  3. Corriander : 1 Strand
  4. Green Chilly : 1
  5. Adai Batter: 2 Ladles
  6. Salt: To taste
  7. Sugar : Little.
  8. Cumin Seeds: Few
  9. Oil: 4 Table spoons.


  1. Cut Onion and Tomato in Round slices.
  2. Preheat a small Tadka Pan, add a half spoon of oil and Put one slice of Tomato each time and tawa fry Mildly without losing the shape and make 4 Tomato slices ready.
  3. Cut one chilly in the middle and take put the seeds and cut as 8 pieces.
  4. In the same tadka pan, without Oil, dry fry Chilli pieces for a minute and keep them aside.
  5. Take Farmz2familiez Adai Batter and add little sugar and salt, Cumin Seeds and mix it well. Avoid adding water.
  6. Then Pre heat the tawa and add a tea spoon of oil in the centre of the tawa and put a half laddle of batter and spread it easy  not more than a half Palm Size and close it with lid and gas on higher simmer. Do not make dosa Lumpy, Equally spread the batter to make it cook evenly.
  7. As we close he lid, the top of the batter would be a little fluffy and make sure the batter is spread reasonably thick and once done can take out the Button Dosa Out.
  8. One side would be roasted and Other side would be fluf and Yummy.
  9. Try to Place the Sauteed Tomato in the centre and Place two Onion Rings around the Circumference of Dosa with Few Corriander leaves and garnish with Chilli pieces and a pinch of salt on top…!!
  10. This can be eaten as it is.
  11. In the Lunch box, Two Button Adai Dosas are kept on each other which look like a burger and fix them with a tooth pick..!!



2. Utappa Pancakes with White Idly Dosa Batter:



  1. Dosa Batter: 4 Ladles
  2. Salt : Choice.
  3. Water: Choice.
  4. Sugar: 1/4 th of a Tablespoon.
  5. Ginger juice: 1 1/2 Table spoon.
  6. Honey: as Required.
  7. Oil: as required.


  1. Take a blender, add a coin sized Ginger and add Water and bled it well.
  2. Filter the ginger juice add a little sugar, mix it and keep it aside.
  3. Make the batter ready by adding salt and a very little water and Ginger juice.
  4. Pre heat the Tawa and add a tablespoon of oil.
  5. Spread the batter on tawa a lil thicker than dosa texture and close it with a lid.
  6. Once done Keep the dosas aside.
  7. Before serving the dosas, add few spoons of honey and serve.
  8. Yummy Yummy Ginger tasted Pancakes with honey are ready.
  9. If packing in the Lunch box, Pack the dosas and Honey seperately.


3. Pears Vada with Medhu Vada Batter:



  1. Medhu Vada Batter: 2 Laddles.
  2. Water: No
  3. Jaggery: Half Coin Size
  4. Pear: 4 thin Slices.
  5. Oil: Sufficient to fry.
  6. Chocolate Syrup: as needed.
  7. Salt: a Pinch.


  1. Take Jaggery add a very little water and keep Aside.
  2. Take Batter and add a little salt and beat the batter and keep it aside.
  3. Pour Sufficient oil in Kadai and keep it on high on the stove.
  4. Take an Indian Pear and Cut 4 -5 thin slices of Pears.
  5. Now Add jaggery water as required into the wada batter and mix it well.
  6. Now add slices of pears.
  7. Once the oil is sufficient hot, Dip the pears in the batter and add to the oil and deep fry the Pears Vadas.
  8. Finally they are cold, Add some chocolate sauce and serve.


4. Garlic Dosa Rolls with Multi millet Dosa Batter.





  1. Garlic: 1 Complete Garlic Bunch
  2. Peanuts: Handfull
  3. Salt: Sufficient for the Powder and a little to the batter.
  4. Red Chilli Powder 1 -1 1/2 spoon
  5. Aam Chur Powder ( Dry Mango Powder) : 1/2 teaspoon.
  6. Sugar: a pinch for the dosa batter.
  7. Batter: 2 laddles.
  8. Water: 3/4 Laddle.



  1. Pre Heat the pan and roast the groundnuts and cool them down.
  2. Add the garlic, Groundnut, Chilli Powder, Salt and Aam Chur Powder, a little Sugar and Coarse grind the powder.
  3. Pre heat the Tawa and spread Dosa Batter on the pan.
  4. Then once Dosa is done take out and spread on the plate.
  5. Now, Take the Powder and place it on the centre of the dosa.
  6. Now cut one corner of the dosa and almost cut 1/4 of dosa.
  7. Then roll the remaining Dosa a little tighter.
  8. Then Once dosa holds the Powder, Cut rolled dosa and make cut small rolls.
  9. Pack the lunch box with same rolls.


Simple Appam With Ginger Chutney:



  1. Appam Batter: 1/4 – 1/2 laddle ( As Batter would be verythick)
  2. Water: Required to make watery textured batter.
  3. Ginger: 50 gms.
  4. Tomato: 1
  5. Corriander: 2 Strands.
  6. Curry Leaves: few.
  7. Mustards: a tb Spoon
  8. Oil: For Tadka
  9. Salt: As required
  10. Aam Chur Powder ( Raw Mango Powder) 1 Tea Spoon.
  11. Jaggery: A half Coin Sized for Chutney.
  12. Red Chilles: 6-7


  1. Peel The Ginger, Tomato, Corriander, Salt, Jaggery, Red Chillies, Dry Mango Powder and put it in the Mixer and make chutney with very minimum water.
  2. For Tempering, Add a spoon of oil, Mustards, Curry leaves and temper it and put on Chutney.
  3. Now take the Appam Batter and make it watery texture, 1/4 of Laddle of Batter and almost 1 – 1 1/2 Laddle of watter and pinch of Salt.
  4. Pre Heat the pan and add the watery Appam Batter and Close the lid and wait till batter starts leaving the Pan.
  5. Once done serve the Appam with Ginger Chutney.


6. Karam Dosa with Multi Grain Batter



Curry Leaf Chutney (Karam):

  1. Curry Leaves: 8- 10 Tender fresh Leaves.
  2. Toamto: 1
  3. Onion : 1
  4. Red Chillies: 6-7
  5. Chana Dal  ( Bengal Gram) : Half fist.
  6. Salt : as required
  7. Aam Chur ( Dry Mango Powder)
  8. Sugar: a tea spoon.
  9. Batter: 2 Laddles.
  10. water: As required.


  1. Roast Chana dal and all the ingredients and make Curry leaf Chutney.
  2. Take Dosa Batter and a little salt and Sugar and water and bring it to dosa batter consistency.
  3. Now preheat the pan and add a spoon of oil and Spread the Dosa batter and and again add a spoon of oil and wait for a minute.
  4. Once dosa is half cooked, then spread the chutney around dosa and cover with the lid.
  5. Then Wait till dosa gets cooked then plate it..!!
  6. Make sure Chutney is enough spicy to add up the pep to the dosa.
  7. If this is packed in hot pack and sent for lunch, it will be really yummy.
  8. Chutney has to be coarsely Ground.


My small attempt to create the recipes with the batters..!!
For more Details and Contact at:
Jalahalli, Bangalore 560013.


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