Malabar’s Bay

The cuisine of Malabar has been influenced by various cultures. The flavours of Arab, Brahmin, Zamorin and Chirakkal cuisines have
been incorporated into Malabar cuisine, making it a distinctive one. Kozhikode and Thalassery are known as the centres of Malabar cuisine.
The northern parts of Kerala specialize in Malabar Cuisine, which is noted for its liberal use of a wide variety of spices.
The cuisine of Malabar, also referred as ‘Mappila cuisine’, boasts of a distinct flavor and taste that has been influenced
by the Arabs as well as by the locally available spices, products and culinary traditions. Traditional Malabar cuisine is
spicy, characterized by the regular use of spices like black pepper, clove, cardamom, and almost always, cooked in fragrant coconut oil.
Biryanis are real delicasies in this cuisine..!! Kaima rice is used instead of long grained Basmati and is called Pothichoru, packed and cooked rice instead of Biryanis..!!
Thalasherry Faloodas are very special as they are made of Blueberries, dry fruits etc.., which is more influenced by Islamic Faloodas..!!
I can say Malabar bay is successful in bringing that flavourful, diversified yet authentic cuisine to Namma bangalore..!!

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This is a hidden gem near BTM which serves authentic Malabar Breakfast, Sadhya, sea food delicasies, desserts etc.,.
Two floored building, Malabar Bay’s ground floor starts from morning 8 am till 10 pm and the second floor mainly during Lunch and Dinner..!!
Interiors are more chettinad plus Kerala styled rock pillared with wooden flooring and place is peaceful and absolute spacious ..!!
Every day different set of special menu is served along with the regular menu..!!
Mocktail Menu is Amazing with a lil touch of Malabar taste..!!
Weekends are more special as menu has specials like Kappa Biryani Kappa Kozhi, Pathiri.IMG_8791


Their menu is a complete spread which covers Malappuram, Koyilandy, Wayanad, Sea food dishes and Malabar Special Breakfasts like Pathiri, Coin Parotta etc..!!
Biryani is again very impressing, and I loved the Biryani Rice which resembles more like Neyi Choru ( flavoured Ghee Rice).

WhatsApp Image 2017-06-12 at 12.46.28 AM (5)

We tried all the main dishes of Menu..!!

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Koon Polichathu- Mushroom packed and cooked in a Banana leaf, Exceptional.
Alleppey Veg curry has a twist here and tastes like Green Thai curry and again Its wow..!!
Biryani rice – Kaima rice is cooked with spices, coconut Oil, Kalakki (very good)
Tawa Prawns Fry is good and
Chef’s Special Sheer Meen Fry is Awesome..!!
Pothichoru is again Kaima rice chicken packed in Banana leaf, cooked in the steam is out of world..!! Earthy and Authentic..!! MUST TRY
Kallummakkaya Biryani, Mussels Biryani was again very good..!! MUST TRY
Wayanad Pepper Chicken Curry was amazing which is served with Appam, was authentic and Yummy..!!
Alleppey Prawns mango curry was amazing with mild spices and Balanced taste..!!
Desserts Chakka payasam ( Jack Fruit Payasam), Falooda, Biscuit Pudding, all were superb. Their Faloodas are must try..!!

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Mocktails, Tender bay is my favourite and I loved it, Tender Coconut and Ilaichi flavours are wow..!!

Samba lime is more a Orange Mocktail..!!
Green Mango cooler again good..!!
Pineapple Kullikki Sharbat is my love, In my Kochi trip, All the way from Fort Kochi, I went to marine drive to drink these Sharbaths, Simply Amazing..!!

Their menu even have Chinese dishes but Malabar dishes are amazing and reasonably priced..!!

WhatsApp Image 2017-06-12 at 12.46.29 AMWhatsApp Image 2017-06-12 at 12.46.29 AM (6)
This place serves absolute awesome food..!!

Malabar Bay
43, Krishna Nagar, SG Pallya Road, Near Christ College, BTM,
PH: 080 33037820

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