Authenticity At Authenticook

IMG_8161I was Invited by the team of Authenticook to taste their Host, Sumitra Kalapatapu’s Authentic Andhra Brahmin Bhojanam (Full Course Meal)..!! I am so honoured to attend this invite as Blogger and also an Andhra Brahmin, and it was very easy for me to understand the dishes and taste the dishes..!!

It is very honouring when Foreigners choose our So called Spicy Indian Food..!!

Couple of Germans ( Booked online) were there along with me to enjoy this Authentic Andhra Brahmin Meal..!!


The full Course lunch was served on the table in the host’s home and it was more a friendly and informative lunch session than the regular service in the restaurants..!!


We got to know each and every dish and its preperation and how the food has integrated with the Culture of the Andhra region..!! I can specifically say that it is a more Coastal Andhra Madhwa Brahmin Cuisine as I am from same sect but from different part of Andhra..!! I helped people to make them understand the reason of using powders and spices for the food..!!

Colocasia Fry
phpPWdy3nAM - Copy
Mix veg Curry
phpi6Jy8vAM - Copy
Lemon Rice
Ginger Chutney
Mix veg Sambar
Plantain Raita

It was very lovely and homely feeling I got through Authenticook and even being Germans, they were well read about Indian Culture and Cuisine relationship and able to connect with us..!!



I would really thank Authenticook for this experience..!!


About Host:

Sumitra Kalapatapu, is a home chef, Authentic Andhra Delicacy is her Speciality..!!

Host Sumita Kalapatapu

Her Pickles are quiet very Famous as she works too hard to main the authenticity and Longevity of the pickles..!! All her raw materials for her cooking is personally selected by her and her knowledge about the food is immense..!!

All Varieties of pickles served during the Lunch

About Authenticook:

Founded in 2015, Authenticook is a young company celebrating regional diversity by providing an authentic dining experience in the homes of incredibly talented home chefs.
Their endeavour is to create a platform for home-chefs to showcase their culinary skills and change the way people celebrate cuisines and learn about new cultures.
They are a bunch of crazy travellers and nature lovers. Some of their best travel experiences have been when the team have had an opportunity to interact with the locals and eat a meal with them. It’s the food, the history, the legacy that captivates One. Spending a couple of hours eating the regional cuisine, learning about the culture is what makes the journey exciting!
At Authenticook, food is a religion that transcends boundaries, regions and prejudices.

At Authenticook, they want people to partake in the rich cultural heritage of India by enjoying a meal at the homes of Home-chefs.
As their hosts welcome diners to their abode, it is some of the basic things that make the experience worthwhile
Book or request a meal with one of their brilliant Hosts for a particular date and enjoy a memorable culinary experience at their welcoming home
Hosts can register with them.

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View my food journey on Zomato!

View my food journey on Zomato!


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