Hum Pahunchagaye Dhaba

I was present at the Blogger’s table at Dhaba by Claridges, 12 th main, Indiranagar, on last Tuesday and it was a complete desi experience of Khana and Peena and Gaana 😀 😀
Dhaba by Claridges have come to Bangalore after serving over 25 years in Delhi and other main cities of India and now landed in Namma Benguluru at its heart to serve their “Desi” wide spread of “Peena” and “Khana”.
Dhaba By Claridges is completely successful in maintaining the desi feel of a Dhaba , by the way they groomed the restaurant and the way food is plated and presented and the names of the dishes and the cutlery and the taste.
From the moment we entered, we saw the desi rang se bhara interiors and small collections of Desi wooden toys like Nested dolls, Rail gaadi ka Engine, Jingles and the cute lil wooden birds and the bumper banners of very famous liners all over the Dhabha..!! They displayed the Desi cutlery like Baltis, Dibbas..!!
I can call it as a Desiful Experience..!! Place is not so airy but seating is well arranged in the fixed space..!!
I loved the gaana and the naachna..!! Songs were queued to play to give the better pep and the staff dances for the peppiest desi number..!! It’s such a fun drinking cocktails or mocktails in Pauwa bottles and dancing for “Badtameez dil”..!! I thought to ask for “Kallu Mama” from “Satya”, but Yes, I thought it’s too much..!! 😀
As soon as we arrived, we started with drinks; Cocktails are served in local Pauwa bottles..!!
Coming to the mocktails, Ganne Ka sa Ras is the Showstopper, is a Sugarcane based mocktail.

Rangeela and Shikanjee are also pretty decent..!!
Basanti, refreshing as the name, is a Gin Cocktail with Cucumber and basil mix.
Toofan is a vodka based cocktail with Guavava and redchilly flakes..!!
Somras, is as heavenly as its name, is a Vodka based Coriander, Aam Panna and a pinch of ginger..!!Must try Again..!!
Paan Mojito Cocktail, Mojito with Paan flavor..!! Must Try



Veg Gelouti: It had a strong cinnamon flavor which was wow.
Dhabha Paneer Tikka: good
Mutton Sheek is decent.
Tandoori Bhune aloo is good to taste as it is chatpata, but addition of tomato pieces, made pieces softer..!! Dint like much the way crispiness and crunchiness of Aaloo pieces fading because of tomatoes..!!
Palak Paneer ki Sheekh is ok.
Sanil felt Raan being a little over cooked, but masala was tasty..!!


Tiffin Chicken and Balti meat stole the show with the way they were presented in Balti and the two boxed Tiffin Box and being very tasty..!! Dahi Chicken was too good and a must try..!!
Baigan Ka Barta is served in a dibba was looking cool but tasted less spicy and less smoky.
Dal Makhni is good..!!


Rotis other than usual rotis, we find Hari Mirch and Lal Mirch Rotis in here..!!



Coming to the desserts, Badam Halwa, Gulab Jamun, and Baileys Kulfi are our preferances to Phirni, Rasmalai, and Tilla Kulfi..!!

Overall It’s definitely a decent experience..!!


Their Cocoktails, Mocktails, Balti Meat, Tiffin Chicken are the Must try items..!!

12th Main 100 Ft road.



View my food journey on Zomato!

View my food journey on Zomato!

View my food journey on Zomato!

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