Niruttara – Movie Highlights and Review

Movie Review:
Movie: Niruttara – No Answer
Language: Kannada
Genre: Rom-Drama
Released: 23 Dec 2016
Time: 160 minutes
Cast: Bhavana, Rahul Bose, Kannna Srinivas, Aindrita Ray.
Director: Apoorva Kasaravalli.
Music: Pt. Niladri Kumar.
Lyrics: Kaviraj.
Cinematograhy: H.M Ramachandra
Sound Design: Resul Pookutty
Editor: KM Prakash.

A group of friends, including Achinth (Kiran), Shravya (Aindrita) go to Rajasthan to shoot as Shravya, a documentary film maker and Achinth, aspiring rock-band leader and musician. In the journey, Achinth meets Hamsa (bhavana), who is a singer, elder and more matured, and falls in love and proposes her, even though he knows there is no future for their relationship. She would be a little Skeptical to accept as she is already married and depressed but finally convinces herself to take another chance and accepts his love and proceeds for a romantic relationship and it grows as more comfortable faster and crazy love. One fine day in the trip, she gets a sudden not so good surprise of her husband Pradeep ( Rahul Bose), a corporate slave, whose life is loyal to his slavery job and as a part of that he starts prioritizing and ends up completely neglecting his wife consciously for almost for 10 years, realizes his mistake and comes to her and visualizes the scene of wife being with other man and she tells her heart to him straight to get separated as It was depressing and painful.
On the Other hand, Shravya, who already feelings towards Achinth, is left with no choice other than being quiet and strong as Hamsa too start reciprocating seriously towards Achints’s crazy love. And as Pradeep is left lonely for his negligence where he ends up realizing his mistake and start missing his wife.
As time passes, Affection grows much stronger and deeper with Achinth and Hamsa and ends Hamsa pregnant and decides to keep the kid. And as Achinth comes to know, a basic repel start towards her decision and ends up hurting his love. Hurted Hamsa walks out of realizing her mistake and meets her husband on the way and realizes her husband never understands her and decides to walk out of the scene. After Shravya’s interference, Achinth feels his mis behaviour towards Hamsa and goes to her with his apology and takes her rejection and also comes to know their kid is aborted.
Crazy, wild and young Achinth loses his control after searching Hamsa every where including with Pradeep, ends up killing himself.
The movie ends up with the feel of realization of love as a part of creation by Hamsa with her kid in her lap in some hill top along with shravya.

Apoorva Kasaravalli’s creation of Hamsa, as modern, deep, mature, sensible, confident, heart warming, strong and tough looking yet simple at heart and at her approach is very appreciable. His matching with equal weighted characters like Pradeep, strong and typical corporate husband who thinks has no time yet loves her , Shravya, respects his love’s love and guides him in right way and Finally Achinth, roller coaster minded, spontaneous, crazy, wild lover, is perfect and strong.
I personally liked the work of Pandit Niladri, music Director and Kaviraj, the lyricist.
Pandit Niladri’s music added up the fuel to the actor’s performances to emote completely. His sitar in Hoo mele Hani, Aha identha , Aalangisu ba nannanu, created the vibes of fresh love between the couple. Neenene hosa kanasannu and Neenilla yadayali carried the pain very well.
Lyricist Kaviraj, penned the heart warming lyrics. Language is classic.

Resul Pookutty gave enough space with his sound design to accommodate the characters and their emotions and expressions. he created an airy and fresh space of strong deepened thoughts to exist and be confident.
HM Ramchandra’s frame sense and cinematography is the best. Beautiful and emotional frames.
Editing, Costume Designing and dialogues are good.
Actors did their best performances, especially Rahul bose
Apoorva, being the lead, did his best with the best team, and his work is strong and special.
Movie is slow and if viewer loses his pace, he might not enjoy the movie.
Movie has a very routine concept and so predictable.
Bhavana’s expressions are bland at times.
Hamsa and Achinth seems have a lot of age gap on screen, which at times make a little silly.
Shravya’s role wasnt necessary and if there, would have increased a bit to show the strength of the role.

Absolutely worth watching more than twice.


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