ITC Sunbean Gourmet Coffee

ITC unveils the finest Sunbean Gourmet coffee in Namma Bengaluru. They unveiled two varities. Nicamalai and Panagiri. Bloggers were invited and it was quite an informative and also creative session.


Session started with the interesting discussion about the history of coffee in India. Coffee in India is said to have started with an Indian Muslim saint, Baba Budan, while on a pilgrimage to Mecca, smuggled seven coffee beans (by tying it around his waist) from Yemen to Mysore in India and planted them on the Chandragiri Hills (1,829 metres (6,001 ft)), now named after the saint as BABA BUDAN GIRI (‘Giri’ means “hill”) in Chikkamaguluru District.. It was considered an illegal act to take out green coffee seed out of Arabia. As number seven is a sacrosanct number in Islamic Religion, the saint’s act of carrying seven coffee beans was considered a religious act.This was the beginning of coffee industry in India, and in particular, in the then state of Mysore, now part of the Karnataka State. This was an achievement of considerable bravery of Baba Budan considering the fact that Arabs had exercised strict control over its export to other countries by not permitting coffee beans to be exported in any form other than as in a roasted or boiled form to prevent germination.


Systematic cultivation soon followed Baba Budan’s first planting of the seeds, in 1670, mostly by private owners and the first plantation was established in 1840 around BABA BUDAN GIRI and its surrounding hills in Karnataka. It spread to other areas of Wayanad (now part of Kerala), then spread to and Nilgiris in Tamil Nadu. With British Colonial presence taking strong roots in India in the mid 19th century, coffee plantations flourished for export. The culture of coffee thus spread to South India rapidly.


Initially, Arabica was popular. However, as result of serious infestation caused to this species by Coffee rust, an alternative robust species of coffee, appropriately named as robusta and another hybrid between liberica and Arabica, a rust-tolerant hybrid variety of Arabica tree became popular. This is the most common variety of coffee that is grown in the country with Karnataka alone accounting for 70% of production of this variety.

With this information, we headed further with their Sunbean Gourmet Coffee Powders, Nicamalai, Panagiri. ITC had the best plan of blending four styles of coffee beans and make the best two Gourmet Coffee Powders.Nicamalai is the blend of coffee of the places  Nicargua and Anamalai; and the Panagiri is the blend of coffee from the places Panama and Baba Budangiri.


Coming to the event, bloggers were divided as two groups and one group was learning how to make the espresso and simultaneously the other with coffee art, and I was in the first group with the espresso making.


We were explained the role of Barista in making the best Espresso shots and the best was the Nicamalai for its flavour and taste. It was so coffeeish.We tasted single espresso, Double,  Special coffee with Cinnamon and Honey with Whipped Cream.


The second one I did was coffee art,where we were asked to draw some art with coffee powder, It was seriously a fun session. God really knew what did we draw and I appreciate Ms.Priyanka, for bearing our funny arts.


We even had some serious award sessions in the categories of Most liked pics in Social media and most retweeted post all that, and ended with a tasty lunch. Winners got goodies. We all got the goodies and the best experience of the best Gourmet Coffees by ITC. Rich Coffees and must try coffees.


Coffee lovers just go ahead and try for the best Gourmet coffee experience.


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