Boozy Griffin

“Peeking into the Brit styled pub, as a huge Griffin to booze”;-) Ā šŸ˜‰

Boozy Griffin is a Britain themed pub with a look of London Bridge in the bar. Interiors so English with a very small Dance floor. We were here as a part of FBAB meet up. It was really fun time to be in here. Service and Ambiance is pretty cool and easy and seating was good.

Bar had The London Bridge theme and bar tenders were quiet quick and serving very good drinks.


We started with the Mock tails, Bora and Bora and Shangai Sunrise, Key Lime Pie. Amongst, I loved Shanghai Sunrise. SunriseĀ drink is more with multiple Ā fruit mixes and it tasted just wow. Bora Bora is mostly like a simple Mojito. Key Lime pie has a beautiful Cinnamon Flavour.



Salads, Baby Spinach and Apple Salad and Caeser Chicken Salad is served. Baby Spinach with green Apple tasted very good with Onions.


Beer battered cheese balls: Cheese inside the batter and the balls are well fried and tasty, needed more cheese inside. They were a bit dry for lack of Enough Cheese.


Magic shrooms: Mushrooms stuffed in the bread and well-baked and good taste is maintained, needed few more mushrooms.

Tex Mex Roll: Nice Crunchy Roll.

Stuffed cheese onion rings: There was no cheese in it though, and Onions were little uncooked.

Grilled Veg and Hummus Quesadilla: Filled with Veggies and nicely baked. Tasty.


Griffin Exotic Pizza: Well Baked, Caramelized Onion Pizza. was tasty.


Both were Non veg Burgers so didnt try. All American Beef Burger and Tandoor Chicken Burger.


Peshawari Tarkari: Vegetable Tandoor, was good.


Mains: Did not try .



Coffee Rum Cheese cake: Dint like much.

Choco lava, Chef’s Special: Dint Like Much.

Random Clicks of Non veg Foods:

Overall, It is a nice experience. Dance was too small, music was peppy and DJ was doing good job, but better music would have been played I felt. Food need to be little improved I felt.

My Ratings:

Food: Good. 3.5/5

Taste : 3.5/5

Quality and Quantity: 4/5

Service and Ambiance: 4/5

Pricing: 3.5/5

Overall : 3.8/5

The Boozy Griffin Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

View my food journey on Zomato!

View my food journey on Zomato!

View my food journey on Zomato!

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