Mast Kalandar OAR

I always had mixed experiences in delivery, dining and their MK Dabbawala app. I am never new to Mast Kalandar nor mast kalandar is new to me. It is been 4 years I am associated with Mast Kalandar as their customer. I am very much fond of their Jamuns, Raam Kitchdi, Dal Makhni, Gaon Ki Thali, Barwan Mirchi Combo, Mathura thali, Vrat Thali, Utsav Thali, Holi Thali, Sabudana Kitchdi.. I tried every thing in their outlets. And I tried in almost all the outlets. Many of them gave me bad experiences but I love the taste in very few outlets and OAR (Old Airport Road) is my most favourite amongst all the outlets. In this journey, after a veeeery long time I visited OAR, for the dining. It was like old memories.


We went there yesterday around 10:00 pm and we ordered Full Full Biryani Combo, Kebab Platter, Halka Phulka 2 and 3 Jamuns.

Full Full Biryani combo: This combo do updated than before..!! Biryani used to look white in colour earlier which was really repelling me..!! Now biryani look so yellow and better tasted with caramalised onions in it..!! It is served with forever favorite Daal Makhni, raita, Salad, Naan, Sinful punjabi paneer.

Here comes the Kebab Platter Connection..!!

A Plate of Kebab paneer is served.  Paneer is nicely marinated with Jeera, Harimirch and Aamchur on all sides and tandoored very well with capsicum and tomato. Served along with Dal Makhni, Naans, raita.

Then I ordered my Halka Phulka combo 2..!! It is served with 3 phulkas, 2 Veggies of the day, rice, Dal, salad, Raita. The twi veggies were Palak Laiki, Aalu capsicum  and soya chunks dry veggie.

We ordered our Favorite Gulab Jamun.!

Everything was very very tasty and Godly..!! I personally appreciated the chef..!!! I always love this food..!!! 

Interiors were completely changes and look so Yellowish and vibrant..!! I personally liked the Mk pouffes…!!! I wish management would take good care in giving same sort of service and taste everytime. Management will be mostly very careless..!! Unless we are lucky we will not get tasty food and good service…!!

My Ratings:

Quality and  Quantity:4/5

Taste: 4/5

Service :3.5/5

ambiance: 3.5/5

Pricing :3.8/5

Overall: 3.76/5

Mast Kalandar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

View my food journey on Zomato!

View my food journey on Zomato!

View my food journey on Zomato!

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