Le Casse Croute

I ordered this through Swiggy. Nice wowish Packing.
Terrible Ratatouille. Unfortunately none of the reviewers, reviewed about this item. Hence i thought to try.  French bread is generally Baguette. So i ordered an extra slice of Bread. Oh My God.  I literally had to break my bread slice, by  hitting with TV remote to break it. Terrible. My palates started hurting after eating the slice. I expected it as, outside Crunchy, inside a liitle softer slice of or might be the a tail of a baguette. It literally took away my interest in trying the rest. Then i tried Mme Belengar. It  was tasty and Auburgines (eggplant) are neatly baked and bread is softer.

Coming to Ratatouille, I kept on checking the dish whether I am  exactly understanding it neatly. Here we go.


Egg plant diced pieces are rubbery, too much salt, Tomato slices are not cooked well, Garlic was well toasted in olive oil, too much a sort of Strong flavor, because of herbs, which was bitter in  my throat even after half an hr after eating and i threw entire box of ratatouille. I personally never like neither me or others to throw food. But I did. Its Badnekayi (Brinjal) Gojju in French herbs. It was hurting me that it spoiled my hunger and gave me such an bad memory of French Food.” Mild Sweet taste and mild herbs and slowly cooked until Juicy “, guess this is the formula of ratatouille. It was bad. And in Ratatouille vegetables are tossed, if in case one finds the water quotient even after baking. Pieces were neither baked or cooked or tossed well. It was really hurting.  I am really worried to try the rest of the menu. I do not think i will try.

My ratings: 1/5

Le Casse Croûte Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

View my food journey on Zomato!

View my food journey on Zomato!

View my food journey on Zomato!

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