Double Dose by Soda Bottle Openerwala

As a part of Cocktail Tasting Invite, finally I was in here, Soda bottle Opener Wala (SBW), Lavelle road. I had already been to SBW in Jubilee hills, Hyderabad, and felt really awesome to visit there. Got myself ready to experience some new cocktails. The Interiors were so Irani, with Nissim Ezekiel famous Irani Cafe poem, accustomed to Namma Benguluru. Dabbawalas Cycles, aluminium tea kettles, everything too messily perfect and exteriors was very interesting.

SBW was all setup for the menu tasting.

Coming to the Cocktail tasting, we two authors were here to taste the new menu containing Old Bawa, Mumma nu double Dose, Bombay Julep. The table was so very attractive with eggs in basket, Some very attractive desi names written on some bottles other than  Teachers scotch Whiskey, Old Monk Rum, Bacardi White Rum.

Mixologist Mr. Annu, started with his first Cocktail, Mumma Nu Double Dose. Made of Scotch, Contessa/Oldmonk, Saffron&date Syrup, Egg White, Lime Juice. Froth on the drink is the main Concept of these cocktails and hence egg whites are used.

  • 30 ml of Scotch.
  • 30 ml of Contessa/OldMonk.
  • 30 ml of Saffron & Date syrup.
  • 1 no of Egg White.
  • 15 ml of Lime Juice.

Putting all the ingredients in Shaker and after straining, We shake the drink again to form the Froth. Finally we put the drink in the Champagne Saucer glass and here goes the Special garnish with the Marie gold flower. It was just wooow with the date and Saffron Syrup. We participants tried making this cocktails.

Next one was Old Bawa

  • 45 ml of Scotch.
  • 5 ml of Maple Syrup.
  • Angostura Bitters sort of 2 dashes.
  • 30 ml of Fresh Apple Juice.

After shaking all the ingredients, and pouring in the Brandy balloon glass, we are going to add Angoustura bitters,an alcoholic herbal drink with taste of bitterness and is served finally with flaming Cinnamon stick in drink. This can be even tried at home and my blog partner tried it along with mixologist. This was the most simplest cocktail and the tastiest.

Bombay Julep

  • 45 ml of Bacardi Rum
  • 2 tblspns of home-made Apricot Jam
  • % leaves of Mint.
  • 15 ml of lime juice.
  • 20 ml of Honey water (can be made at home).

This is Sakhi’s favourite as she again tried without alcohol too. It was so tasty and was very nice and its simple procedure goes this way. All the ingredients are shaken well and poured in a Julep glass on the bed of crushed ice and garnished with Orchid flower and mint spring.

It was so awesome to be part of this and we enjoyed the cocktail session and stayed for couple of hours to taste the food in here.

We quickly picked a table as it was so very crowded and noisy everywhere. We ordered Paneer Sanju baba, Malai paratha, Squid Gravy, 2 plates of staples i.e.., Rotis, 4 in nos and tried famous dessert caramel custard, and an Irani Chai.

Paneer Sanju baba, was completely spicy and onion based gravy and went very well with rotis. Squid was good enough felt a little, can be better feeling . Rotis were too small. Malai Paratha was really good. They served paratha in Iron Kadai to give the feel of heat. Service was very good. Dessert was completely recommended and very tasty. Irani chai was very good.

Overall, it was really a nice experience to be in an Irani cafe with interesting cocktail tasting session.

Bon Apetit

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View my food journey on Zomato!

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