I prefer to eat vegetarian. But when my friends are around, for a get together, or a party, some like to eat chicken, fish, or Pan Asian or some Indian. Some would like to eat their own regional dishes. So finally we go to that restaurant which has maximum votes amongst us and we compromise for few options and get ready and go and might be by the time we reach, some dishes might not be available. Since we do not want to waste time, we try to eat whatever we get. We never know either food is fresh or like whether they taste good or at times we become so choiceless and literally get irritated and come back.

Love for food is always genuine irrespective of being a small foodie or a big foodie. When this love comes from the house at our own comfort, under our supervision and easy and fresh and tasty with all customized menu chosen by us, according to our tastes and choices, how easy one feels.  How lovely to have a Live Pasta counter, Gol guppa counter in our home, when all friends are there around and having fun with healthy lovely favorite food menu. Visualization gives anyone very light mind. As a part of Invite, I personally have seen this sort of Set up with  Indo Italian fusion food with a Live Pasta counter.

Cookifi, is such an online website which takes up such orders of food depending on the personal choices and taste. They organize the complete set up of picking up the quality ingredients, finding right chefs for the order given and cooking at our home with the entire set up. Our duty is only to provide our kitchen. Even on request gorgeous looking tableware for few important parties will also be supplied on demand.  Orders can be placed on the customized menu part of website and choose our own foods and it automatically gives the bill and pay and wait for the best food to come in by the best team. It is a sort of home chef coming our home and cooking whatever we like not like catering. The best part of the Cookifi is, they even take orders for single person and chef comes all the way to your home and cooks whatever you had ordered for. They even provide chefs, for a course of a month and everyday chef comes home with all his set up. It is a home food feel for the bachelors , Spinsters or people staying away from families, and bugged up eating the food in restaurants and want home-made regional food. The chefs are well-trained and know most of the cuisines to cook at their best. At times, even people with small family might get bored to get out and eat or want to take a break from kitchen and crave for some one coming and cooking some other regional foods before us and pamper us with nice good taste, for them this is highly useful and I do not hesitate to say but I am one among them. Different people with different requirements, different tastes,different varieties and all as to get reached by them, they have even launched an Android application and I can say this can be must have apps in the phone for food lovers.Get better picture by visiting their website and talk to them to be more communicative and more easy with food. These services are all around Benguluru and need to book priorly and check all the details in the website.

More details  on:


And are available at all major social media.

As a part of Invite to feel their Live cooking counters, I was here, with all the Founders, Chefs and with bunch of my foodie friends.

After a warm welcome, We had a neat and brief description of their services, we could not wait looking at the great food and started with the welcoming drink.

We Jumped on Starters and they were absolutely delicious.
1. Bruschettas : Fresh baked  crunchy Bruschetta with tangy sliced cherry tomatoes and mozzarella cheese.

2. Tomato mozzarella skewers:

3. Cucumber mascarpone roles: This was the Starter of the Day.

4. Musculine salad with berry.

5. Corn cheese balls: We were here in the Kitchen to experience the making of the food and everyone’s favorite.

As main course, We were eager to taste pasta at the Live pasta counter with vegeterian, chicken options.
Live pasta counter.

Chicken Biryani was also served.


And here comes Malpua Rabri shots as desert , very innovative and tasty.

Thus ended our 3 Course Indo Italian fusion dinner.

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A very innovative attractive and much more useful website and a can be even said as “must be in phone” app to pick our own customized menu cooked in our house by well-trained chefs..!! Go ahead and make a difference in our regular kitchen..!!

Bon Apetit

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View my food journey on Zomato!

View my food journey on Zomato!

View my food journey on Zomato!

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