Kappa Chakka Kandhari makes “Namma” Onam

Bangaloreans always been aware of Onam and Onam Sadhya. Gods Own country’s very own harvest festival. Onam sadya is the main attraction in all the Kerala cuisine restaurants during this time. Traditional attires are chosen by every one of us. Most of us know Onam by its Grand Onam Lunch, Onasadhya. Let us try to know a little more about Onam as this time it is going to be more than just a Onam Sadhya, as the team Kappa Chakka Kandhari ( Tapioca, Jackfruit, Chilli ) , Chef Regi Mathew (Benjarong and Ente Keralam), John Paul and Augustine KV, collaborating to give the best festive mood of Onam to Namma Bangalore.

In the recent invitation of media preview of Onam fest 2016 in Catholic club, team Kappa Chakka Kandhari (KCK) came up with very interesting details of their fest, set up of Onachanda, their very own authentic Onasadhya. And as a part of this, I got a chance to taste their Onsadhya with 29 varieties of dishes and 4 varieties of Payasams as well.

Onam is celebrated for ten days by people of Kerala as they believe their King Mahabali  comes back to his Kingdom to visit his people, from the nether. Hence all the ten days are celebrated with their own significance. It’s the festival of fresh harvests, flowers, cultural programmes, Prayers to Onathappan, dances and all the celebrations like  Vallam Kali – traditional Boat race , Pulikali (Lepord dance), Pookkalam (Flower Rangoli),  Kummatti kali (women with traditional attires dance around the holy lamp),  Atthachamayam, Onapottan etc. Onachandas, the festive markets selling the tradional food and other stuff are set up every where to enjoy the traditional setup all around. Atthachamayam is the authentic tradition of Elephant Procession. Amongst of all 10 days, the day 5- the day 10 are considered more important. Food during these ten days are the best food made with the seasonal availability of Vegetables and fruits. Authentic Onasadhya, served on the vazhayila (Plantain leaf), contains 24-29 varieties and maximum of 64 varieties. And hence is the Festival of Kerala.


To give this Festive mood to the Malayalees and Non-Malayalees of Benguluru, the team KCK conceived the ‘Onasandhya’ and ‘Onachanda’ to rekindle the nostalgic past of Kerala’s rich and diverse culinary heritage. Onasadhya will be an elaborate and authentic affair, with a spread of 28 different dishes served in the old-fashioned way — on a banana leaf.


To retain the original taste and flavour, the mouth-watering spread will be cooked in wood fire and in traditional vessels. Curated by KCK and prepared by Kerala Sadhya (vegetarian feast) maestro Vasudevan Embrandhiri, Tripayar, the cuisine is an amalgamation of Kerala recipes brought to life with new technologies and techniques while retaining the authentic deliciousness of traditional Kerala sadya. After the multi-course Onasadhya, four varieties of Payasams (rice puddings) will be served at the feast. From Palada Pradhaman (milk and boiled rice flakes pudding) to Pazham (banana) Pradhaman, a nostalgic surprise awaits all those who gather to celebrate Onam.

Onachanda, the festival market, as a part of Onam fest, will feature 30 most sought after Kerala stalls and kiosks, selling traditional snacks and authentic merchandise made by Kerala artisans. The venue will also be bedecked with the traditional floral decorations and will showcase cultural and folk programmes, contests and prizes, creating a true festival Onam atmosphere for the guests.

Venue details: Onam Fest is happening at Marathahalli grounds, Next to Ezone, Outer ring road. Over 15,000 Onam Sadyas will be served during the 6 Days and Payasam served and sold as takeaways. Exclusive hall facilities have been set up to cater 600 people at one sitting, with a special waiting lounge. There will also be special stalls for payasams as well as take away counters for those in a hurry.


Onam fest 2016 is from 6th sep-14th Sep with lunch, dinner for the price of 499 INR. An early bird offer, todays bookings would be 450INR per Sadhya. Online bookings are taken at onam.asia or http://kappachakkakandhari.com/

Ellarikkum Onaashamshakal


Bon apetit

Love u all







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  1. Kishor says:

    Interesting festival. Never knew the significance.


    1. given a little history though

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      1. Kishor says:

        Yes, nice post. Now I am better informed. 🙂

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