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Visited Kopper Kadai recently.. It’s really Kopperrillicious.. its very tasty and innovative.. My hats off to the chef for such a nice innovative presentation and the mind-blowing taste. It’s quite a themed restaurant and every thing is well designed and well organised.. the dishes are so personally designed and served.. Located in the heart of the most wanted food hangouts, Koramangala near Jyoti Nivas College, this is one of the best finedine restaurants.

It’s a nice place to dine out with a feeling of kadai and copper in everything they used.. Heard from the celebrity Chef Akshay Nayyar and Mr.Ahmed that the Kitchen is specially designed and took almost thrice the hard work than interior of the restaurant.. its is so very visible everywhere and in every thing the struggle the chef di dit maintaining the quality and the taste of the food.. As a vegetarian i had few choices, but they were very much filling and real killers in taste.

Had tried their Narial Passion Mantra, Kiwi Ambi Panna, Patialey wali lassi.. Mind blowing taste.. Leaving the taste aside, the serving and the way they served the drinks and a small Porcelene jadi like looking small glasses to drink a big bottled sharbat is awesome.. the Milk can is brought in a lorry full or ice cubes.. I am absolutely undoubtedly impressed by the presentation..

The sharbats are just absolutely superb especially kiwi ambipanna as it had strong chilli and i loved it..

Coming to the starters i tasted the Lucknowi  Dahi ki shammi and the Challi kolmi ki kebab and my friends ordered Most praised and awarded as the dish pf the year 2016 called Gannna chicken.

the famous Ganna chicken:

non veg starters

The best part of Kopper Kadai is the way they present the dish.. they brought the Non veg starter in an iron box..Like this way there are so many best presentations..

The dish of a non veg main course is freshly served on the table with cooker and its whistle opened blown on the table and its very fresh and tasty and well marinated mutton..

The rotis paranthas and Naans and with the Wargi dal e dastan.. Awsomely rich in taste and quality..

The session ended with deserts..

Nutella Dodhalava and dilli wali fruit cream

They even have the unique way of serving the bill… in a Post box.. Check ds out..

They even have a special lunch ka dabba which is served for corporates mostly..

Every thing is so copperish .. the pepper cutter , the ladles, chutney and salsa dip utensils,the interiors everything… the restaurant opens with 142 copper ladles which show the 142 spices used to make food in restaurant.. this is the place for people who look for normal food with extremely decorated and high ambiance.. few clicks of interiors

A must visit  restaurant for its rich idea, look, food, Ambiance.

Final Ratings:

Food :5/5

Ambiance: 4/5,

Taste: 4/5

Pricing 3.8/5 lil heavy on pocket..

View my food journey on Zomato!
View my food journey on Zomato!

Kopper Kadai Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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