Yes We can think on Palm Olein(oil) too

MPOC, Malaysian palm oil council, Malaysia is thriving to take out all the negative myths about the palmolein oil.. it was considered as threat to humans as it increases the risk of Cardio Vascular diseaes and environmental endangerment of spiecies called Orangutan and Sumatran Oranguton.

But basically Palm oil  is rich in Beta Certoene, Alpha carotene, Lycopene, Tocoperols, Tocotrienols, Phytosterols, Glycolipids. Most part of the Population of India use this oil its the best and staple oil for most of the cheaper communities. Its reusable quality and smell less nature helps for longer storage according to MPOC. In most of the cosmetics long run processed foods palm oil is used for its storage friendliness. Its richness in Beta carotene is natural red color which is used in most of the cosmetics.

Palm oil’s freezing nature make it feel unhealthy but it as good as very other oils like Olive oil. MPOC mainly thriving for to reduce the negativity about Palm oil their research and study which claim multiple health benefits of the Natural oil.

For more details regarding the studies and research of the Palmolein their website can be visited: ; #MPOC #thinkpalmoil

Awareness event yes did give enough awareness about palm oil and also gave a lot of fun along with my foodie friends at Mainland China, Church street.

As a part of it, We were  given to find 5 different restaurants which are around Mainland china, Church street, with the help of the puzzles and each time we find the restaurants we gotta do a task and rush to next and the one reaches fast as usual the winner.

Our first task was to find the taste of the dish served in Oh Calcutta with blind folded. we tried to find 20 ingredients.


Salad Making in Hoppipola

My team n our Salad

salad mking

Pan tasting in Empire:


Next is the Quiz about Palm oil in Russh Gastro pub and we back to Mainland china to find the winner . WE couldn’t win though we really ha d a lot of fun along with loads of goodies by MPOC

Real fun event made us real hungry and made us jump on the wide spread delicacies of Mainland china

Went to home having a lot of fun and food and Pack of nice fine goodies by MPOC

Pic by Dushyant Chillale

#Sakhiravoordiaries #mpoc #thinkpalmoil


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