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TEA has been SpecialFriendForever(SFF) as soon as i came to Yoga.. I gave up everything in the Path of Yoga hence my special interest increased in knowing much healthier beverages.

Hence i tried all possible flavours to make my every day tea much special.. Tried Cardamom, Cinnamon, Clove, Stone flower, ginger, Curry leaf, coriander Masala, chai masala, Pepper tea, Dum tea almost all possible flavours.. The special love towards tea made me to try all possible inexpensive and few Expensive joints in and around Nammuru Benguluru..

Tea Journey, Infinite tea, Chaipatty, Chai Point, all possible tea joints in Shivajinagar and other multiple branded joints..On the process of exploring the food luckily i became part of Bangalores Bloggers association and i got a new exposure to try more joints. As a part of it i was invited to a Tea Bistro called TEA TRIALS exploring more  really did begin here.

Chai Biskoot has always been a phrase we use knowingly or unknowingly which says chai is with its company.. Hence the same concept is maintained in here with different varieties of teas and their combinations.

Talking about the Bistro  it is Said to be the first Tea cafe in India. The Gourmet preparations of tea as hot cold and tea infused foods and different types of signature infused foods and food pairings are tasted.

Just a view of the Interiors:

Pan asian teas mostly are mostly chosen and their pairings make signature tastes.. Green tea, White tea, Indian chai, Japanese teas chinese Smokey flavoured teas, etc multiple tea varieties make hot teas and Bubble teas make cold tea drinks paired with tea infused salads Zen teas which are paired with fruit desserts. As far as i know the cooking generally we pair the lighter ones with high protenous or higher starch to bring balance hence Tea trials pairings exactly explain this.

As said by the chef the highest tende leaf makes the white tea which is called SILVER NEEDLE which is said to be sold almost a lakh a kilo in UK and is Paired with Bun Maska or a GULKHAND SANDWICH

Kasmiri Kahwa tea agin is called the green tea which is served with almonds or spices.. and its paired with the high proteinous Burmese salad.

the salad contains the fresh fermented tea leaves. again another bruschetta mad of fermented green tea leaves and olives make a tangy tasted Bruschetta

Three cheese risotto made up of Parmesan Cheddar and Gryuere served with the interesting green tea butter and is servwd with the OOlong tea

Lapsouchang is the Smokey Flavoured tea which is a chinese variety and the salads like egg Marvel salad and the smoked paneer Sandwich and also the Lychee Smoked Bubbles iced tea dink are all the tea infused foods and drinks..

Matcha Shake is the thick rick shake done with a boiled vegetable like broccoli and the japanese green Matcha

superb the Betterwife (my husband said) might be like me.. 😉 the sweetest concoction of the fruitjuice, herbs and green tea.

pic:Sanil Parameswaran

Kullad chai and Onion pakora hamara desi snacking an Red zen reddish pink coloured heavenly tea which really gives the taste of Real zen

Pic courtesy : Sanil Parmeswaran

and the most special one which i personally loved was Cheese fondue

Overall tea trials at least left me absolutely soulful coz of my love towards tea and m definitely looking forward to visit again

There is Tea vinegar and tea available to pep up th salads and sandwiches..

They even have beautiful looking and nice tasted desserts and tea pancakes


Final Verdict:

Ambience 5/5

Pricing 3.8/5

Taste 5/5

I recommend this for sure for tea lovers..
View my food journey on Zomato!
View my food journey on Zomato!


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