You mean Yoga’s Birthday? on 21st?

Received a Message in Whatsapp as

” Happy Yogaday Sakhi”

Was wondering is it my birthday to wish  ” But Why you wishing me?”

“Sakhi its yoga day and you are my yoga teacher”

oh said Thank You as if they wished me Happy birthday sakhi.

Started really thinking on this. its not my birthday so should i call it as a yoga birthday.

it was really funny and amusing to reply thank you.

most of them didn’t give me the choice other than replying thank you.

what exactly they thinking its a yoga day so wish yoga teachers happy yoga day?

And a VHP activist approached with a concept of importance of yoga in HIS religion.

Yoga? Religion? birthday?

With its Elaborated Eight steps of personal social physical mental discipline which is followed by the detachment of the discipline and lets the yogi to be with the higher consciousness has a religion?

So the very existence of Yoga with the man and nature needs a vision shown by a religious secured man on a bureaucratically fixed date?

So yes a religion based Politician fixed as if some limelight was need for the Life science which is as primitive as the existence of man and himself  and his mind and we agree and follow that as if we have never seen inside ourselves.

Yes if Life science is not seen in any part of Life then how can one see it on one fine day?

Yoga is not a mass physical bending twisting celebration or a festival to greet each other. Yoga is the state of the mind with detachment and joining with higher consciousness. celebration of being oneself. It doesnt need an Ambassador to propagate. Yoga exists in every thing in three form Rajas Tamas And Satwick. A mans duty is only to move across so called nature and  find himself and see higher self.




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