Eat Pray Love – SakhiSanil


Life is a balance. Balance is life. With this basic concept of my life, I realised myself in many ways. I enjoy the consistency of the balance of life. Eat Pray Love is just my thought of leading day-to-day life with peace.

Food is always been part of all cultures during bad times, good times, happiness, sadness, excitements, depressions in all the ways. I have done enough research on food and realized the finest choice of the food makes a man mind, which is the most finest of a human being. Being in Yoga helped me to understand food and its taste better. I respect food a lot and hence became a very choosy foodie. This feeling in me made me go around and know all about food in all my possible ways and hence our Eat Diaries

Prayers are done in different and all possible ways. They move a man’s mind to higher reality.In every culture and any culture, people pray for being good and happy. Live and let live is the main motto of a prayer. And hence one must learn how to pray himself and then can try praying others. I love pray myself a lot. In this process, I started travelling around and started knowing different cultures, habitats, food and lifestyles of people in the world and hence our Pray diaries.

Love, We love ourselves, love Pampers us, keeps us alive forever.Keep us so happy healthy and lovely. We share love, we give love and same we take love. Love is balance. Our Love Diaries is self pampering, self loving and beauty of self loving.


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